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July 23, 2104

Grocery Shopping by Teirra

We went to WalMart to get groceries for the week. Speed walking in WalMart is extremely fun. Zion and Alina are good at lifting people in the air.

Scavenger Hunt by Zion

We were all pumped about the Scavenger Hunt! Despite the sweltering heat and melting sun of course! We asked people different trivia questions and prayed they knew the answer. The boy/girl teams and a friendly competition. The boys got the cream of the crop on their street where a friendly family provided drinks for them. The girls, on the other hand didn’t’ quite strike gold as we wandered around like dripping popsicles. But, overall, we had an amazing time.

Bible Study and Devotional by Lina

IMG954348Today during Bible Study (aka) Devotions, the group and I studied at the church, Isaiah 52:7. We were taught how good news can bring joy to someone’s heavy obstacle and proclaims peace, salvation and good tidings. Throughout the night, we made prayer boxes, where we put our prayers for things throughout the week. #letsgo and start the week with prayer in devotions.
IMG955964       IMG955910