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Youth Mission Trip

July 24, 2104–Haven for Hope by Dominic We went to a Homeless Shelter called Haven for Hope. It’s an amazing place that homeless people or anyone who is in a struggle can go to get help. They have many different programs that they offer and each one is different. They also offer dental help and health help. What we did today was we washed the sleeping mats that the residents sleep on. They were expecting us to wash 250 mats in 5 hours and we washed 375in 3 hours!!! Then before we left we all got to pick out a balloon animal from the Texas Twister! He is a resident there and he was amazing. I picked a poodle. Since we had some free time, Bridget took us all to Amy’s Ice Cream and bought us a treat to celebrate.

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Prayer Partners and Affirmations by Jaron

Each day we are assigned 3 people to pray for and to write an affirmation to. I think the prayer group/partners was an awesome opportunity for the youth group because we got to write affirmations to each other and express ourselves and tell others how awesome they are. Bridget is collecting all of the affirmations and putting them in flip books. At the end of the week, we will each get a book of affirmations written about us by all of the youth and adults on the trip.  

Bags of Grace by Kenny

114Tonight we made Bags of Grace with the youth of UPC for hungry people out in the community. We worked together as a group and finished 200 bags. We had a lot of fun while doing so. Bags of Grace are zipper bags filled with a bottle of water and food which you can keep in your car to give to someone who is hungry. In 2009 Bridget brought a youth group here on a mission trip and they made enough of these bags to give one to everyone in the church to keep in their car. 5 years later, the church still makes these bags regularly. This shows that even something small we do this week may have a big impact and we might never know it.    

Bible Study and Devotional by Bridget Our Thursday Bible study and devotional theme was “#letsgo Live a Neighborly Life”. We went on a 20 minute walk through Trinity University and the surrounding neighborhood with members of the University Presbyterian Church Youth Group. We walked in silence, looking for evidence of neighbors. When we got back to the church we sat on the lawn and had a time of prayer where we stated something we saw and something that it spurred us to pray for. After each prayer, we blew bubbles. As the bubbles lifted into the night sky, we knew that they were in Gods faithful hands. Some examples of prayers offered are: “I saw someone with a dog and it reminded me that sometimes you need a buddy to get through life.” “I saw beautiful gardens and lawns and knew that people were taking good care of God’s creation.” “I saw signs or local high school organizations and thought about how hard youth today work and I give thanks for all that they do.”