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July 26, 2014–

Haven for Hope by Zion

Today, on our last day at Haven for Hope, we washed mats again. But as a twist, other members who actually live at Haven for Hope came and worked with us in order to earn points to get a free bus pass. We successfully completed washing 250 mats in 85 minutes. We also took a tour of all 37 acres to see what Haven for Hope was all about. It took $101 million to build the complex and $14 million to run it every year. Thanks to wonderful donors like Bull Greehey, the place stays afloat. Volunteers help make the campus run smoothly and we are so glad to have been able to serve the community, even if it’s not ours.
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The International Community Garden by Caspar

355Today at the community garden was great. We learned that the refugee’s food is not like our food and that they are here because of their families having been killed in concentration camps etc. The refugees are mainly from Miramar, Nepal, and Bhutan. We pulled weeds and fixed up boxes and learned a lot of great stuff about the garden and refugees. Each of the 57 families who use the garden gets a 100 square foot garden plot.



The River Walk by Lina

Today at the River Walk we all gathered and walked along a river and gazed around. During this time I stuck in the headphones of mine and prayed as we walked. When I finished I gladly waved to people I didn’t know.

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Bible Study and Devotional by Bridget

367Our theme today was, “#letsgo Live a Redeemed Life”. Our main scripture was Ephesians 1:7. We each took 26 glass tiles and on the back of each one, wrote a letter which symbolized something which makes us feel distant from God. We then glued them to a wooden cross with the “sin side” down so that it was no longer visible. These crosses serve as a reminder that through Christ’s death on the cross, we are redeemed and something ugly (our sins) has been turned into something beautiful (the cross).