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Bethlehem Revisited

November 3, 2015–Bethlehem Revisited will be held December 4-6th and December 11-13th from 6-9pm on the grounds behind the church on Jackson St. This will be the 19th year Bethlehem Revisited has reached out to the community to share the birth story of Christ our Savior. There are a lot of opportunities to serve and support within this ministry to the community. We welcome all members of the community to be involved in this ministry. Here are some of the opportunities:

Rabbi: 2-3 Older men who are very Old Testament learned to portray (and switch off nights)
Kings:  1-2 (can switch off) Mature men
Market Place: Adult male/female to be the adult. Lots of teens do the load, they just need a leader
Inn Keeper: Adult Male
Tax Collector: Adult Male – brash and outspoken
Volunteer Coordinator: Someone to take charge and make sure the volunteers who come from other churches know where to go each night.
Hot Cocoa Coordinator: Lead to take over the Cocoa/Apple Cider mission.

If you are interested in being part of one of the LARGEST mission outreaches in Ellis County each year, contact Pat Baldeschwiler at baldeschwilerp@yahoo.com or Paige Gordon at pfgordon@att.net