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Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services

An integral part of Central Presbyterian Church is its relationship with its ministry partner, Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS).

Since 1960, the children and family teachers of PCHAS have been a part of our church family.  PCHAS provides Christ-centered care and family support to children from birth to 17 year -old who have suffered from neglect, abuse, and abandonment, or children whose families are experiencing some type of family crises, like the death of a parent, divorce, illness, violence, homelessness, parental alcohol or drug abuse, and other issues which threaten family stability.

In 2012, the Waxahachie Campus opened a Single Parent Family Home to help single mothers facing homelessness because of crises. PCHAS’ goal is to give these women a chance to become strong and self-sufficient without constantly fearing for their and their children’s survival and safety.

Women participating in the residential homes are able to stay from 9 to 15 months, as they work towards achieving personal goals and ultimately independence.

The program provides employment assistance, individual counseling, case management and therapy for mothers and children, money management, life skills training and more.

Some CPC members complete mentor training in hopes of making a difference in the lives of these women and children.

The children of God who are associated with PCHAS – kids, youth, single mothers, staff and administrators – are a vital part of the CPC family. As we minister to one another, we grow together in Christ.

Opportunities for Ministry:

Mentor or Tutor:

Nationwide, less than 70 percent of the children in foster care finish high school and less than 3 percent earn a bachelor’s degree. Because of the trauma they’ve experienced, it is common for them to fall behind their peers in school, sometimes three or four years behind.

There is a pressing need for tutors to help children not only master basic educational skills, but also more advanced and specialized subjects such as geometry and chemistry. Children also need mentors. If a mentor can intervene in the life of a troubled child, often he or she can prevent more serious problems from occurring. Children in foster care – especially those who have been bounced from home to home – need consistency, so volunteers who serve as tutors or mentors are asked to make a longer-term commitment and undergo specialized training.

Food and Fellowship Ministry:

This is a great opportunity to get to know the staff and children at the Waxahachie Campus by providing a meal.  The process involves 2-4 people providing a home with a meal. The times and dates will be scheduled via communication with the home parents, and will be flexible, to meet the needs of all parties. Our goal is to provide each home with one meal per month.

The most important part of this mission involves the meal preparers enjoying the meal with the home parents and kids. This doesn’t have to be a home-cooked meal, and can be purchased from a local restaurant if cooking is not your specialty! The key is fun, food, and fellowship!

If you are interested in signing up for a home for one month, contact Letitia Rutan at (210) 601-5496.

Transportation Volunteers Needed:

Volunteers are needed to provide transportation for the adult women of the Single Parent Family program and their children who accompany them to places they need to go. Volunteers must pass criminal and driving record background checks, as well as provide a copy of their driver’s license, their social security card and their automobile liability insurance card. No training is required.

Transportation Volunteer application and background check forms are available below and at our church office. Forms must be printed out and completed by applicant and returned as indicated on the form. For more details on this opportunity or to discuss other ways you can help the families of the SPF Program, please contact Jennifer Quintero-Pitts, PCHAS Church Relations and Volunteer Ministries Coordinator by email at Jennifer.Quintero-Pitts@pchas.org  For more information about the SPF Program contact Cyndi Fuller, PCHAS SPF Program Supervisor at 972-937-1319 (office) or email cyndi.fuller@pchas.org

Life-Skills Teachers:

Adult volunteers are needed who can teach life skills to single mothers in transition to becoming independent.

The skills include, but are not limited to, cooking, budgeting, preparing for a GED exam, parenting, housekeeping, etc.

Volunteers are welcome to offer a one-time class to a small group of moms, or volunteer on a regular basis to work with one mother at a time.  Regular volunteering is appreciated and would be most helpful.  But, volunteers could begin on a one-time basis to determine if they want to offer more time. One-time volunteers only need to meet with the program director to schedule a time to lead a small class.  Regular volunteers are asked to participate in the volunteer application process.

If you are interested in becoming a Life-Skills Teacher, please contact Jennifer Quintero-Pitts at Jennifer.Quintero-Pitts@pchas.org or call 1-800-888-1904.

To learn more about PCHAS and their programs in Texas and Louisiana, please click here to visit their web site